About Us

Founded on September 15, 2004, XLR8 (pronounced, "excelerate") is a communications management consultancy with a mission to assist organizations in the accelerated accomplishment of their goals and objectives by providing superior communications solutions. At XLR8, our practice is founded on four cardinal philosophies:

  • We will continuously seek excellent understanding, underscored by painstaking research, of the industries we serve and their publics.
  • We are passionate about creative excellence, innovative solutions that are creative even in their simplicity.
  • Impact. For us, creativity is about impact. Communication cannot be creative if it does not achieve the desired impact.
  • Celebration of the eternal dignity and infinite possibilities of man, and adoration for his maker, Almighty God.

We will offer our clients, fresh insights and perspectives that will guide and inspire the generation of accelerated communication solutions for competitive advantage.