At XLR8 our business continues to grow and expand and as it does, it creates a growth path for you. Our success as an organization has been founded largely on our adherence to our guiding philosophies. In so doing, one of our biggest strengths has been the depth of thought and creativity that comes from a workforce comprising people of diverse educational and work backgrounds.

Our work as consultants is primarily focused on helping our clients achieve specific corporate goals and objectives. In so doing, however, we provide our people with a decent reward system that encompasses an intellectually stimulating work environment, designed to foster growth and development.

How we recruit people

We would usually recruit staff by head-hunting potentially suitable candidates. At other times, we place vacancy advertisements in the press.

Should you wish to pursue a career with us, you may watch out for our occasional vacancy publication. In the alternative, send a CV to and we will review it and possibly, keep it in view for consideration when an appropriate vacancy crops up.

While we will make every attempt to acknowledge the receipt of such CVs, we are unfortunately, not able to acknowledge the receipt of every CV.

Key qualities we look for

  • Flair: People who show considerable best-of-class flair for excellent communication regardless of their original backgrounds
  • Intellectual curiosity: People who are naturally disposed to examining problems and issues and proffering solutions
  • Ambition: People for whom ambition is second nature and who would consequently strive to make a mark against all odds
  • Attention to detail
  • Integrity
  • Leadership: At XLR8, leadership is neither about hierarchy nor experience. It’s about the strength and value of the ideas you bring to the table; it’s about your ability to persuade with facts, logic and understanding; it’s about the passion you demonstrate; it’s about the determination and hard work you showcase.