Customer Communications

Across the world, the market is increasingly competitive. More and more, goods and sundry variations of the same goods are chasing the same customers. In the process, the customer is assailed by a growing clutter of communications, as companies struggle for his ears, heart, mind and wallet.

All this is happening even while the basic characteristic of the customer is rapidly evolving. Where once, customers were driven by price, price is not necessarily the prime driver of today's customer. Today, the customer is searching for better value for money. While price may be critical at narrowing his choice, other product characteristics quickly acquire more relevance and enable him differentiate the products and services vying for his pocket.

At XLR8, we can help organizations cut through the clutter of information and communication overload, with targeted communications initiatives that produce measurable results.

Our model of customer communications is founded on a few basic principles

  • We believe that customers welcome and indeed seek relationships. They want to be understood and to be appreciated. Many would gladly connect with a brand that deliberately strives to provide them with an unforgettable positive emotional experience.
  • Good customer communications can help to build a great experience, making the complex simple and helping customers derive more satisfaction, rooted in better understanding and appreciation of the product or service. (We will complement the excitement of the product and service with the innovative communication of features that relate to benefits which are meaningful to the consumer).
  • In keeping with our holistic philosophy of communications, we believe that customer communications as integral to excellent brand building.

Whether it’s orthodox customer magazines, online newsletters or social media engagement, we will ensure that the most appropriate tools are identified, creatively developed and deployed to resounding effect.