Investor and Stakeholder Communication Management

The socio-economic and political environment of business in West Africa and indeed most of the developing world, poses interesting challenges for corporations and organizations.

On the one hand, social and economic difficulties result in severe challenges in such critical areas as unemployment, housing and provision of basic amenities like water and electricity. On the other, the public expectation of the role of corporations in many developing countries especially with regard to community development is significantly different from what it is in the developed world. More and more, corporations are required to carry out tasks that should ordinarily fall in the purview of government.

At the same time, an increasingly enlightened corps of stakeholders is emerging, watching and scrutinizing every move corporations make.

The need to build and safeguard corporate reputation via strategic key stakeholder communication management, therefore, continues to be ever more pressing. Is the company a great place to work? Does it empower its people to perform at their best? Is the corporation socially responsible? What is its relationship with its communities? Does it demonstrably have the interests of its stakeholders at heart? Is it trustworthy? These are some of the questions that critical stakeholders ask today of corporations. Answers to these questions could ultimately impact on the performance of corporations in the global marketplace.

At XLR8, we can help organizations to analyze the relevant issues and develop strategies to manage these critical relationships.

We can help our clients to analyze and prioritize the issues that could potentially affect their operations, prepare response plans and implement accordingly. From labour and workplace issues to media relations management; executive communications and visibility to corporate positioning and image enhancement, we have the expertise to advice and guide implementation effectively.