Strategic Communications Advisory and Public Affairs Management

Corporations exist within societies. Societies, on the other hand, are in constant flux, being regularly impacted upon by government laws, rules, regulations and policies. Government regulation is in turn largely moulded by public opinion. The best intentions, potential world class brands, high-flying ambitions; all can be aborted on the altar of unfavourable government policies and regulation.

Organizations need their point of view to be heard clearly and their message properly understood, by key stakeholders including critical government policy makers and influencers. The meeting point of corporate interests and public concerns ought to be understood to be mutually beneficial to organization and society alike. Only then can organizations truly optimize their potential in the market space.

XLR8 can help organizations mould and modulate public opinion. We will scientifically scan the environment, decipher and analyze the issues, trends, challenges and opportunities in your business or activity sector in steering the course of public discourse.

Our unique edge comes from having staff and associates who have at different times, been key players on both sides of the divide; as industry practitioners or as opinion leaders and influencers, respectively.